Beautiful smiles are healthy smiles

You know that orthodontists give people more confident smiles, but did you know that they also give people healthier smiles? Straighter teeth improve confidence and oral health. If there is anything holding you back from sharing your smile with the world, it’s time to take action. You deserve to love the way you look and feel good about who you are.

Your board-certified orthodontist near East Meadow, NY

Dr. Peikidis is one of roughly half of all orthodontists who are board-certified, meaning she is one of the few who have shown this level of commitment and achievement in the field. She is committed to the beauty and health of your smile. If you’re looking for the best orthodontist near East Meadow, you have come to the right place.

Services by your board-certified orthodontist

We offer the latest treatments and use the most up-to-date technology. Your board-certified orthodontist near East Meadow will give you a beautiful smile for life.


Finish off your beautifully straight smile with whitening. A brighter, whiter smile will set you apart!


From complex cases to run-of-the-mill straightening, braces can give you the smile you deserve.


Getting a straighter smile without anyone knowing is more accessible and easier than ever with Invisalign!

Is there anything holding you back?

Get started on your beautiful, healthy smile today by calling Peikidis Orthodontics. An investment in your confidence is an investment in your lifelong health. If you’re ready to set you or your child up for long-term success, call Peikidis Orthodontics today! We promise to make an impact that will last a lifetime.

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